Most of rich people have at least seven sources of income:

Most of rich people have at least seven sources of income:

1. Earned Income
This one is easy to understand, this is your regular job and most of people’s primary source of income. it could be full time job that require a certain number of hours to be met or a standard of output to be produce.

2. Business Income
Business income is when you earn money in exchange for a products or services. this provide a great mix to your multiple income because it builds your wealth faster and in larger increments.

3. Interest income
You earn this type of income when you lend your money out. some common example include certificate of deposit, real estate crowdfunding, interest from a bank account.

4. Dividend income
Considered as one of many income generating assets, dividend income is something you earn as a result of owning shares of a company. investing in stocks is a very popular form of dividend income.

5. Rental income
This is when you invest in form of real estate or rent it out to someone else. it could either be an apartment complex which you rent out to tenants or a commercial real estate building which other business owners rent out for their own respective business.